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Hyper or Hypereutectic pistons

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Hypereutectic cast pistons are more brittle, but they allow a tighter "cold" fit in the bore than regular forged pistons. They're harder (thus the "more brittle" bit), so they'll resist scuffing and other wear better; on the downside, that means that you're more likely to see block damage.


I'd guess that your best bet for hypereutectic pistons would be to call up a manufacturer that makes custom slugs. Especially one that makes regular L28 pistons.


Looking at the power and boost levels people have achieved here though, even with stock internals, I don't really see a need for them.

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PM sent.

FYI, the HE pistons were purchased from ITM Engine Conponents.


Why? to me the answer is based on what you want as a DD, how much money you want to spend, and general objectives for your ride. My objective was to have a DD with a target of 300hp. This is covered in my MsPs.

Here is the literature that I gather to justify this purchase for me (taken from my MsPs).

Since some of the engine-rebuild decisions were not mine, I have researched one of the most critical parts of a rebuild, the selection of the pistons. Hyper-eutectic pistons were placed in this L28ET. Subsequently, the primary focus of this search was technology, composition and durability of these pistons. After reading the articles below, I am comfortable with this decision to run with hyper-eutectic pistons because irregular tuning/maintenance and heavy loads (heat) are two of the many critical reasons for piston failure (detonation). However, only time will tell.


Piston Upgrade: Cast, Hyper-eutectic or Forge pistons.




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TRS in TheRangerStation.com. cast vs hypereutectic pistons. See: http://www.therangerstation.com/forums/showthread.php?p=72404


Enjoy the read...


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