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The Strut thread - Koni / Illumina / Tokico / Carrera / Bilstein / Ground Control

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I saw this ad from QA1 in my new Circle Track magazine.  They are now building a inverted strut for the fox body Mustang that is fully rebuidable or can be ordered sealed.  I took a picture of the ad since there is not much info on the internet about it except for a video from SEMA.  Anyway, looks on the surface like something that could be adapted over to an S30 spindle.


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The QA-1 struts are in their new catalog you can download.  It doesn't show any info about parts that fit.  I'm guessing it uses the same parts as the other 46 mm double-adjustable shocks.  They look like a decent option assuming there are valving options available.

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Found this today when I was trying to justify putting BC coilovers on my extra 240z. Looks like the BC's use 46mm pistons and can be rebuilt with Bilstein pistons! Might be a great option for those that want more valving options than are available on the P30-0032 dampers. 



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Nice find.  Having taken apart Bilsteins and my Penskes you can see a very big difference between the quality of the pistons compared to the BC shocks.  Penske have a lot of pistons available in 46 mm that are available as castoffs on ebay from NASCAR teams. Swapping the pistons would be a nice performance upgrade.   



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As a reference point this guy has the standard length BC coilovers on his 240z adjusted all the way down with 7kg front / 6kg rear springs. They offer a "extreme low" version with shorter struts that I will likely get since I'm running 17's.




Jon, I'm not sure if they are built as a shock or strut. 

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Received the BC coilovers in the "extreme low" variety for my 240z. Does anyone want the dimensions of the components before I have them installed next week? I can rough them out in Solidworks if there is an interest.  




I would like to know the dimensions! I've been wanting to switch coilovers and was looking at these.

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I'm having the sleeves welded on today. I hope to have the coilovers on the car this weekend. Dimensions for my 240z Extreme Low BC coilovers from the bottom of the sleeve to the top of the camber plate are as follows:


Maximum Length:

Front: 19-13/16"

Rear: 21-9/16"


Minimum Length:

Front: 17-7/16"

Rear: 19-3/16"

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Hey all, first post.


I think I've gotten the Bilstein 34-050224 (3000GT) to work with 280z struts using using a cast aluminum gland nut from a Gabriel shock machined to fit the larger Bilsteins. 










I had my friend do the machining. He also had the old Gabriel gland nuts sitting in some old struts. I'll have to order more when I do the fronts.






With Ground Control coilover kit and DP racing camber plates. If everything goes right the rears should be in tomorrow. It will be a few months before the fronts are in because I go to school in Washington (And that's where I'm doing the machining and sectioning and welding) but my Z stays home in California and I only had time to do the rears before I came home for break.

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