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240z 5 speed conversion

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This was from auto to 4 speed, but I just replaced the 4 speed with a 5-speed and was a simple re&re at that point.



If you're swapping from an existing 4-speed, just pull out the 4 speed and replace with the 5-speed. They fit just the same.

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remember to keep the throw out bearing with the transmission. i.e. TOB has to match tranny.


Actually that's incorrect, the throwout bearing, or more specifically the sleeve needs to match the clutch set-up being used. If a 4-speed clutch is used, such as in a 4-speed to 5-speed swap, than if the 4-speed clutch is being left alone, the 4-speed throwout bearing sleeve needs to be used.


If a 5-speed throw out bearing sleeve is used with the 4-speed clutch, the clutch won't engage properly since the 5-speed sleeve is longer than the 4-speed sleeve.


And might be wise to swap the speedo gear as well. the gear has to match the diff to give somewhat accurate speed.


Agreed, but I've found recently that the "wrong" speedo drive gear gives an accurate speedo reading, verified with a GPS system. Although I am now wondering if my diff has been swapped to a different diff because of this. I need to get under there and check.


Using a GPS is the best way to verify which speedo drive gear is most accurate.

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I'm actually in the middle of doing this swap for my 260z that is automatic. here are the parts I had to get for the swap

1. Drive shaft from a manual 280

2. Brake and clutch pedal from a 280

3. A 225 Mm flywheel (I think either 225 or 240 will work)

4. Transmission

5. Shifter with offset curve from 280 (to replace the 280zx shifter)

6. Clutch line from master cyl to salve cyl.

7. Clutch kit off the web.


Can someone verify that I can use a 225mm flywheel if the setup used to be 240mm? I threw away the old flywheel thinking I would get a fidanza, but instead i took a 225 mm fly to the machine shop and had it resurfaced, lightened and balanced. (sorry not to thread jack but i think it might help the fellow who started the thread)



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Well My old shifter was for a 280zx. Also the drive shaft from a auto should work for a 5 speed from a ZX? Oh well I guess I got an extra one then.



Yeah, I kept the ZX shaft when I pulled the tranny, just in case, got it home, compared them, they were virtually identical, the original shaft to the car was in better shape so I kept it.

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I can't say with absolute certainty, since I haven't tried it myself, but everything I've read on the subject would indicate that yes you can use a 225mm clutch and flywheel in place of the 240mm counterparts.


FWIW, I'm using a stock 225mm flywheel and a Center Force Dual Friction in my car and is holding fine, with my higher than stock HP, I don't know how much higher just yet, but 5 PSIG of boost will add some umph to the go. ;)

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It been a long time but I am confident I put a 280ZX flywheel on the back of my L24 so I could use my 240mm Centerforce clutch. As I remember it is very important to use the correct collar and the collar goes with the pressure plate not with the transmission.


Check out the pics in this link in the third entry. It should clear up the collar issue.




I recomend you check your clutch movement right after you bolt up the trany mount and before you install anything else (OK you should install the release cylinder).



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Quick question, I am about to aquire a t5 transmission. I saw somewhere that there were differences between early and late ones? What's an early one and late one? The transmission will already be out of the car when I go to pick it up, can someone post a picture of one please? The ones on Google all look different. And just to confirm that I have my facts straight, it should bolt right up, I have a 73 z so I don't have to worry about the drive shafts or the shifter, I need to use the TOB/collar for the clutch I wanna use, is there something I'm missing?

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Replace "t5" with "71B" and most of what you wrote would fit.  The T5 (FS5R90A) is a completely different transmission than the FS5W71B that typically came in the 1970(1?) - 1983 Z cars.  You're way off.  Don't buy it unless you're ready to spend more money to make it work.

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