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Dot's old v12 Z and Jay's 2+2 on Jalopnik

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Just thought this was kind of cool




How About A V12-Powered Datsun 240Z?


Jag_240Z_494.jpgWe'll admit that it may well be impossible to top the Austin-Healey 100 with supercharged Jaguar V12 in the Insane Sports Car Engine Swap department, but we still think putting a Jaguar V12 in this Z was a fine idea. The seller doesn't provide a lot of info about it (we'd like to know more than just "chev 6 speed") but it looks like the swap was done with a minimum of duct tape. And all for just $9,000 Canadian!


galleryPost('V12240Z', 3, 'Jaguar V12 In A 1971 Datsun 240Z');

Jaguar V12 In A 1971 Datsun 240Z


  • smallish_2988031816_444b2e90ca_o.jpg
  • smallish_2988031600_f2bdd097ae_o.jpg
  • smallish_2988031376_9e38dd5e21_o.jpg




Irishman Modernizes Classic Datsun 260Z, Hoping To Start New Stereotype


Datsun-260z-classic.jpgPoliticians and celebrities routinely get into trouble for referring to a certain stereotype about Irish individuals and inebriation; may this Nissan/Datsun 260Z 2+2 from the Emerald Isle start a new stereotype about Irishmen and tastefully modified automobiles. What began as tinkering with a navy blue Z ended up with a gray beast that captures the essential design elements of the Z fused with an aggressive appearance package. Featured over at the ZClub forum, Jay28's Z makes us want to start trolling Craigslist for one of our own. What's Irish for Tres Magnifique?


galleryPost('modernzire', 6, 'It Is Z Finest');

It Is Z Finest


  • smallish_2966847905_6fe8fa5936_o.jpg
  • smallish_2967692930_3800875524_o.jpg
  • smallish_2967692818_d667e76de5_o.jpg
  • smallish_2966847613_c717a67637_o.jpg
  • smallish_2966847495_edb828841a_o.jpg
  • smallish_2966847407_3b6fe660f4_o.jpg


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It’s nice to know something you build has a life long after it is sold. I remember it this way.




The Healey I spotted at a show last September and it is one of the nicest swaps I have ever seen. I waited around to talk to the owner but ran out of time. His wife was informative though.




The 2+2 Zs were the darlings of the race track as I recall...

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