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T.I. Weapons Charges


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Looks like T.I. has some sweet guns, illegal ones and was looking to expand his collection... :) Not sure if this is old news since I dont keep up with all the "celeb" arrests...



AHHHHH!!! I want one...

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I believe a raper.




After looking up specs on the MP-7 it's obvious the person recommending it to me has never operated using one. I'll stick with the 9mm, I don't have need for body-armor piercing capability.


If I want that, I can use my SKS with the old Chinese Surplus Ammo that was steel-core copper jacketed (which Wikipedia lauds as a great oddity in the 4.x mm MP7 round)


I've worked with an MP5 before, and I like it. I see no need to go with an MP7 at this point, unless I get into sustained close-quarters combat with US Marines invading my compound.


And then again, like I said, the SKS and AK would do just as well. Some claymores wouldn't hurt in that situation, either though.


Back to filling the sandbags!



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