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15" Turbo Wheels and Max "ZX" rear tire Size

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I'm planning on having my rear rims (Turbo) widened from 6" to 7 1/2". I'm looking at Weldcraft in Plymouth, Michigan to do the work and have a couple of questions for someone who might have already been down this road. Firstly, does anyone have any experience with Weldcraft, good or bad, and secondly how much room do I have in the rear wheel well using the stock suspension geometry. I would like to use BF Goodrich Radial TA 255X70s, but 235X70 would also work O.K. I've read a number of posts over the years but haven't been able to find any this time around that specifically address my questions/issues. Appreciate any help..



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I am running 235/60/14's on 7" 0 offset Western Cyclone II's on my '83ZXT with no problems.


You might have a problem w'70 series on the 15" rims because of diameter.


My buddy runs 225/50/15's w/no problems on his '82.


I'd stick to somewhere close to stock diameter for the tires.

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Appreciate the response. The 235s will fit without issue, but the 255s are another 1" plus taller putting them 3+ inches larger in diameter over stock... I have a set of 275/60X15 on the rear of a 40 Ford Pick-up and would have preferred the 70 series if available. I can make up a jig using plywood to measure all dimensions, but was hoping someone had already been there...

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I am running a 265/35/18(25.6" tall tire I believe) on the rear of my ZX. I have it lowered using Tokico lowering sprrings (3/4" to 1"....can't remember). No rubbing at all. The offset of my rims is +35mm and I am using a 20mm spacer. When I ran a 275/35/18 it rubbed, so 265 is the max if you ask me.



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Appreciate your response. By the way, your car is looking great.. I've watched your posts and you've done a nice job on the conversion..

Sent the wheels to have them widened 1 1/2" and plan on starting with the 235x70x15 to see how they look in terms of raising the rear end of the car. If it doesn't look disproportionate or funny-car-like I might go with the 255 70s which are another 1 taller. I also have the Eibach springs. Think mine are the "sport" version which does lower the car and inch or so. I have the Tokico Illuminas on the back and like the combination and ability to adjust the shocks...

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