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Spring 09 D N I Shootout

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Diff in the Z was kinda clunky lately so dropped it off to get it checked out. Seems I tore the teeth off the diff clutches at Pinks. Oh well... GLAD I BOUGHT THE NEW ONES FROM PHYXIUS a couple of years ago! Dave ordered me a few spare diff plates from NISMO. Should be here Tuesday. Also bought a spare Nitrous bottle the other day, so we should be ready to go with a couple of days to spare! Dave got the car trailer over here today. The trailer even has a fresh paint job! We are leaving Bham early Friday. Heck, I may even wash the car this year! Anybody else thrashing to get ready?

Dropped off my new grocery getter(91 Sentra Se-r ) off to get the A/C checked. Has a pretty quick freon leak. Well, it needs a compressor. That will have to wait. So I drove the Galant VR4 to work. It must have been jealous of the Nissan getting commute duty lately so it promptly popped a rear brake hose, half way to work. You ever try to find a rear brake hose for a GVR4?

Down to the pick up truck...

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Guest barefoot

I figured I would post up here. I am a part of the southeast drag day event this Sunday at silver dollar. Many of our guests will be arriving Saturday afternoon at your event and a few may even race at your event if no one minds. I would also like to invite anyone attending the DNI shootout to race at our event as well. All the info about SEDD can be found on our website > http://southeastdragday.com/



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Thanks Richard. Your guys are certainly welcome to join in with us on Saturday. We usually have a private track rental, but with attendance dwindling over the years and the economy being what it is, we just couldn't justify it this time. Perhaps in the future we'll be doing private track rentals again, we'll just have to see.


We look forward to seeing you and your guys there, as well as appreciate the invitation to join with you on Sunday. It's all in fun.

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