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Evos 9sec 2jz build - 9's, 8's, and 7's done going for 6 sec pass now!

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Last week Chris was able to come in afther work and finish my parachute mount and release handle. With friends like that you cant go wrong!!!


His place of employment look it up for some crazy eye candy!




Chris centering paracute mount




All done. I wanted it mounted little higher since I will be installing Bre style deck wing once I get to body work stage.










Parachute release lever being fitted






Completed now I need to purchase parachute itself but since its not priority it will be while before I get one






I got some new parts for my fuel system but more on that next week and I promise it will be excellent read!

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Here is a good and educationl update. From the day one I was planing on running Weldon fuel pump simply because they are good pumps and they can take just about anything you can throw at them. Since I am planing on driving my car on the longer trips I started thinking about how loud those pumps really are... Here is a great example our Evo8 listen to the whine in first 20 seconds of the video from the side and back of the car http://www.streetfire.net/video/AMS-Drag-EVO-Dyno2008-HIN_182651.htm now that is anything but civil imagine that inside of the Z for few hours at the time :blink:. Well all that brings us to today and plans have changed once again at least its for better this time : ). Great news is that I got my hands on two Bosh 044 pumps that came from road race Porsche for whopping $100 and I could not pass that kind of the deal. I was very excited to get the pumps tested to see what they are capable of supporting and here are pictures of how that process went.


Bosh 044 pumps








Ams homemade fuel pump test station




Pump wired in




Power supply




Flow meter




Adjustable fuel pressure regulator




Cory recording data






Here is the description of how the test was performed and the results for both pumps (click on images)




I am going to run my pumps in parallel and this is what they flow when they are hooked up that way



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Now that I have pumps its time to get nice bracket to hold them. I did quick search for dual pump brackets and afther seeing that they cost over $100 for good pair I had no other choice but to get some made way I wanted them and WAYYYYY cheaper than what they go for...

I used this picture as the reference of what I was going afther




Since I am not going to mount my pumps in tank that setup would not work for me but it was good starting point and this is what Cory and me came up with








Two of those brackets should be more that adequate to hold those pumps in place. One step closer yet so far away...

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Over the last two weeks alot of little things got wrapped up. Project is moving quite well now I just need to get some funds together (yeah about that :unsure: ) so that fuel system and EMS parts could be purchased then I should be able to get engine running. I am shooting for end of the year on that and maybe even drivable by summer of 2011... Here are some pictures of little things that got completed.


Drew doing some final welding inside of wastegate elbow




No filler rod just pure heat






Exhaust back pressure port






o2 sensor bung in downpipe




Support bracket from dumptube to the downpipe












All done












Turbo/header support bracket all done










Thats it for now guys I am moving back to Alabama this weekend and starting my new job sometimes next week so there wont be any updates for about week or two as soon as I am settled in I will do some more work on the Z with updated to fallow.

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Hey not sure if i missed it somewhere but can you tell me how or where you found or fabricated that crossmember for the motor mounts? i am in the process of mounting my 2jz engine in my 240 so any help in the right direction would be appreciated...also it your 2jz front or rear sump oil pan? thanks again Matt aka 2jzed

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Hey not sure if i missed it somewhere but can you tell me how or where you found or fabricated that crossmember for the motor mounts? i am in the process of mounting my 2jz engine in my 240 so any help in the right direction would be appreciated...also it your 2jz front or rear sump oil pan? thanks again Matt aka 2jzed



Crossmember is made by John Coffey from BetaMotorsports here is the direct link to it http://www.betamotorsports.com/products/products.php?cat=7. Quality is great and it has excellent fit.

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You are leaving AMS?????


Yes my sister passed away little over year ago and I have been looking to move back every since...



Amazing Fabrication? I look forward to see it coming together and running.


Thanks man that makes two of us! :D



Car looks great, say whatsup to chris for me!


Back to AL huh? Have a safe trip.

Thanks Evan I hope that everything goes smooth but you never know.

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I'm sorry to hear that.


When you get home you plan on going back to a performance/fabrication shop of some sort?


No I am going to work for Jaguar dealership for time being. I am trying to get out of automotive field and just do custom work for myself and few of my good friends afther work.

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Well guys its been while since I have done any updates but time has finally come to put up some pictures of what has been done since last update. I have about two hunderd pictures that I have to go through so I am going to start with one small update for today.


First on the list is -6 vacuum fitting for the brake booster






Next on the list are fittings welded for vacuum reservoir








I got all the block off plates for engine and fuel pumps bracket from Chicago water jet and for some reason they threw in 4 pices of aluminum stock which is cool I can use those for some random brackets (I ordered two of everything just in case since it was not expensive)








I am going to go through rest of the pictures tomorrow and I should be able to make another update in day or two.

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Exhaust manifold is 100% DONE!!! Here are few last steps that had to be done before it was ready to go.


Getting ready for nice port job








Getting there










Here is where we ran into little problem. On the night that manifold got welded together everything got welded in one sitting which created alot of heat and since head flange did not get secured to the bench good enough (late late night) that ended causing nice warp to the flange itself. Well it turned out that it would require alot of resurfacing thus making flange much thinner. Well we chose not to go that route instead of that we ended up just welding up low spots vs. cutting down flange (alot) until whole surface would be flat so when you look at fallowing pictures you can see few random spots that are little bit darker than rest of the surface. Either way least amount of material was taken off to get perfectly flat flange so mission accomplished : )





My buddy Tyson (10 years old)




Just so we are clear I dont dine at this table this is cats room...




Turbo flange got resurfaced too




I am not sure if I mentioned this but support bracket flange got welded also




One cool cat




I have to snap some pictures of radiator so that should be on my next update or maybe I will do update on interior...

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Here is one small update but this is one of those that was just bothering me for waaayyyy toooo loooonnnnggggg! It just seemed that I never had time to finish my radiator core support and it just kept getting surface rust but not any more I finally got some time to take care of that little issue!


Two upright bars added for support and well to just look right :D . If you look hard you can see little left over lip of old core support when I got it cut out so first thing was to trim it all down until it was nice and smooth however I forgot to take pictures of that...




Welded, sanded down, and primed with black etching primer so it can stop rusting (wow way over due!)








Afther this got done I focused on getting cage, fuel cell frame, and parachute mount sanded down/primed and let me tell you when all that was finished my back was not my best friend!

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Ahh another thing that bothered me was cage just getting that nice coat of surface rust well no more of that! This little project took me good two weeks to complete I guess I just got way to anal on simple priming job.


This is what happens when you dont prime mild still right away










Strut tower turned out worst




I spent good 10 hours or so just sanding down I just figure that putting extra time in prep work will yield greater end result. Here are some pictures during the cleaning process.








The one good thing about working for dealer that has body shop on premises is good hook up on supplies and all the masking paper that you might need for FREE well its free since I went through their trash cans and salvaged all the paper that I could. lol


Ready for first coat of primer








First coat












This was afther second of third coat not really sure any more I am just glad that its over!














I belive that has turned out pretty good and it should not by an eye sore any more.

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