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New Suspension/wheels done!! pics!

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Got the new wheels and suspension done finally. Ground control coilovers, Full poly bushing kit, modern motorsports adjustable control arms, Modern motorsports Q45 LSD setup with CV's, new ball joints, new bearings all around, and the new Sportmax 513's. Here are a few pics-





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woldson Ohh so very nice!


One point, are you concerned about the poly on the t/c rod at the body?

I'm with Woldson, the poly on the T/C rods are known to create more problems than they eliminate. I would recommend Motorsports Aluminum and Delron units for that location. Just a recommendation. Otherwise great setup!!!!

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WOW! It looks shopped. Thats not an insult, I really Like the look of the old rouged classic body with the clean sporty wheels and thick walls. I envy. What setup are you running under the hood? What are your goals?


I am running a pretty built Toyota 1jz with a single turbo. And yes, I am worried about the TC rod setup, but I don't have the money now, but in the future I will take care of it.


Here is a pic of the motor


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