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Long time no post. Life has gotten in the way of the project. It's not dead, just on the back burner for a while.   The exhaust system, including the wastegate dump tube is complete. I'

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5 hours ago, rossman said:

Well, I answered my own question.  I tested the stripper out on the back side of the badge and the metal appears undamaged. 

nice! In my experience, PH is the critical concern when you don’t want to strip metal plating. Not familiar with many over-the-counter chemicals that will strip plating unless it’s an acid/caustic. For example,  Phosphoric acid (rust-most) is most commonly used to strip rust and non ferrous plating (like zinc) from steel. 

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I may just be thinking about aluminum. Seems like I remember that some chemical strippers don't play nice with aluminum.  The emblem appears to be some sort of electroplated metal...maybe nickel plated steel?


Anyway, I'm moving on now.  Currently restoring the original 240z steering wheel in parallel with the hatch panel. Hopefully I can finish up the hatch panel this weekend.

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