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Show Off Your Engine Bay! Pics Wanted, L-series

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GORGEOUS! Something about triples that stirs the heart...

Two of the cleanest engine bays I've seen...  kudos...        

Added some VHT wrinkle coat to the valve cover, carb tops and blocked back the raised lettering to bare aluminium.  

Posted Images

Specs please... What turbo, how much boost, streetable?


Well , was it a street engine hell no lol it was angry and ran on E85 fuel boost was 25psi with a 66 to4 garret and was crasy to drive in a light zed


engine spec was 88mm bore f54 block rb30 stroker crank 89mm rods were honda, piston was flat top forged custom ,

head was p90 with 46mm valves inlet standard size exhaust with race ports with 230cfm intake 155cfm ex , inlet was a custom made by me, so was the exhaust , cam was a 280d 500 lift 112 centerline , motec ecu with ls1 coils one of my disys , was a fun thing but very hard to drive fast for long races ,

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Thank`s! :D


Got more pictures of the car, I can post some in this thread; http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/87272-post-pics-of-your-zs-here/page__st__1200


I`m really happy with the triple look, and love it. But still missing that turbo, considering l28et or RB for the winter... ;)



I literally have a set of brand new, in the box triples sitting on my table and the debate is on, lol, sell or build a second motor...

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Tim, I just saw this HAHAH That’s funny and doubtful. Funny that a still have not get my stuff finished, and doubtful to best you beautiful Z




Here is my current






And My future (somday)




Both intakes look awesome in my book. Would love to see them in person sometime. By the way, I'm friends with your buddy BK-(helmet painter). let him know if we can meet up sometime ? I'm in Laguna Beach..

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