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L28D transmission


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I just bought a L28D with what I hope is a 5 speed for what I think is a great price! My plans for the 5 speed were to put into a '71 240 with a 280ZX turbo motor, and maybe keep the crank to stroke my '76 280 when the engine needs to be rebuilt. Although after reading some threads about stroking, I guess some people don't recommend it. Anyway, I searched the threads and couldn't find any info on this: is the 5 speed that came in the early maxima's good for a street application? Like I said, I was going to put in in the '71 turbo. I know Nissan 5 speeds were all geared differently depending on what they went in. Also, what is the going rate for the L28D cranks? Thanks!

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If it is a 5-speed then it'd probably be a FS5W71-C. It's one of the transmissions that I haven't yet been able to track down the gear ratios for.


Gear ratios:












You can also get the FS5W71C in RB bellhousing models from the NZ/Aust RB30e Commodores. Dunno the ratios tho.

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Thanks for the links, but I already have most of the ratios for those FS5---- transmissions, just not the LD powered Maxima (910) version of it.


As for finding out gear ratios, if you can turn the input shaft with the tranny in gear, then you'd be able count the rotations of the output shaft and get a close approximation without disassembling the case and counting teeth.

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I have one, out of car. what would be the best way for me to get the ratios so I can post it up.


Easiest way for me is to use an old clutch disk, make a chalk mark on it to count revolutions (usually starting from straight up), and make a chalk or sharpie mark on one of the splines on the output shaft and on the seal near it. Put it in gear and count the full rotations until the output shaft makes one full revolution, then guess at the angle of the chalk mark on the old clutch disk to approximate the ratio (i.e. 2 rotations and the chalk mark 3/4 of the way around would be 2.75:1)

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Tranny behind the LD28 maxima is a FS5W71b.


If you want to sell off stuff you don't want out of that package, try link below.


There are lots of very rare and specific parts on that engine and you might be able to fund the rest of your project.


Of course there are guys who fit the diesel with a turbo and then put that combination into an early Z car which nets near stock performance and almost 40mpg.


Might come in handy if gas goes back up to $4.00 a gallon again.



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The gassers were....


1st.......3.321 : 1


2nd.......2.088 : 1


3rd........1.308 : 1


4th........1.000 : 1


5th.........not listed


I have a maxima 5 speed but the haynes manual I have only lists 4 of the ratios so it may be the ratios for a 810 4 speed....which should be a fs5w71a.


Lots of bad info. in the haynes for this car which lists 1977 to 1984 years covered.

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