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Northwest Arkansas Ice Storm Pictures


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Last week we had a big ice storm roll through the area, and it was quite crazy. We were without power here in Fayetteville from Tuesday at noon [i was trolling hybrid and it just died in front of me :(] and didn't get it back until this Sunday morning. The ice was so thick I couldnt get into the Z for 3 days.


This is TrumpetRhapsody's camera, btw.


Jeffer as soon as i saw my car I thought of your sig so i had to do this :P



















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That looks wicked!! I'd have a poster made up of that pic 3rd down from top....


Yeah I thought it was a good one... The frozen tire is a good one too.


I've never driven in snow, much less ice. It gets your car filthy when it melts. My Honda and Z are just nasty.


I miss Lousiana!! [its getting warm, though :) ]

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Thats Z abuse, leaving it out on the street, shame :nono:




Hey - I keep the Zed in a climate controlled garage, usually. My friend blew up his supercharged 3800 in his GTP and I've been letting him drive my Honda and I've been DDing the 280 while he performs repairs.


Yes I get anxious even when it rains because I know she hates the rain :P


My car is all flatblack, the ice lifted a little when water started moving under it.

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LOL I just hadnt seen it. Im not on as much as I used to be. I work all the time and then the rest of my time is going into getting another project running that i picked up last week. Oh and then i still need to rebuild a zxt motor for my car as I'm running on 5 cylinders at the moment lol.

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