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Z31 VG30ET into an S30 project outline

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I'm curious as to why this swap isn't a little more popular?


The driveline is now 25+yrs old. There are lots of newer engines available. VQ's for example. Back when I did this swap. There was little to zero info about the swap, lots of custom fabrication required, where as there is a ton of documentation and even "bolt on" kits from standard v8's,to SR's etc! There is still no such kit for a vg30.

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However, one advantage this swap does have is it is far more budget friendly than virtually any other V series swap. Z31 parts are all relatively cheap in comparison to other models and are quite plentiful due to high production numbers. The VG30 now has proven to be nearly just as strong internally as the other options and fits physically in an S30 with ease. Minor fab work required, low cost of entry for parts, high availability, and now an somewhat of an aftermarket that didn't exist back in 2000, all should equate to this swap mmaking a lot of sense for many.

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