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so I'm pretty much decided on the dual master setup and am considdering the aftermarket pedal assy fomr wilwood or tilton, my issue comes with the alignment, I dis a bit of measure of the stock box, pedals, height etc and it looks like their pedals will stick otu fomr the firewall about .25" mroe than stock, nto a big deal, the issue is it looks lie tye all use straight pedals, and ti fit them around the steeiring columnI'd need to move the pedals about 2" to the left, to be able to heal toe with the relocated pedals I'd also have to severly modify the skiny pedal, and I'm just not sure how awkward it would feel and if it's worth the effort or if I'm better off modifying the stock pedal box to use the duals


so anyone runing aftermarket pedals;

how did you moutn them?

did you relocate the gas pedal?

how does it feel having relocated pedals?

am I missing some obvious offset pedal option in their catalogs?

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I got a tilton triple master cyl overhung pedal set. If its not a track car, I wouldnt reccomend them. Maybe the firewall mount would work better, but keep in mind the firewall is not as much a flat straight surface as you might think. With the way the Z is setup, it is quite hard to get the pedals far enough to the right (passenger side). I put them in as close as possible, but that still leaves the gas the gas pedal quite far away. Someone with a little more skill/time/patience may be able to do a better job. My solution is going to be moving the gas pedal at a later time.


The main reason I decided to get new pedals is that the old ones were bent and welded and rewelded and generally looked pretty beat.

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