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XM radio for my Z


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Looking at upgrading my stereo head unit and space is at a premium in my Z. With the SDS control pad I don't want an external XM module plugged into my radio with the mount etc. Does anyone have a radio in their car that will play XM channels without a separate controller. Seems like there should be a car radio on the market with XM built into it. I've looked on he crutchfield website but no luck.

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As far as head units with built in XM tuners, AFAIK there are none currently in production... Alpine used to make one, but it's out of production.


If you buy a head unit with built in XM controls, however, you only need the tuner itself (as opposed to the entire control unit). Look at the XMD-1000 tuner; it can be placed anywhere since it uses the controls on the head unit. I don't know specifically what head units can control the XMD-1000, but they shouldn't be too hard to find.

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Yeah, A lot of head units can control the XM/Sirius recievers. I really like the pioneer units, though I'm thinking I want to build a carputer with a touch screen. I should be able to get everything I need running w/ that, MP3's, WiFi, GPS, maybe even TV. Either that, or I might look at integrating one of those new lexus mouse controllers onto my center console.


speaking of which, you could make an integrated XM module holder in your ashtray. I was going to put the USB /audio input/outputs into the ashtray, so they could be hidden until use.



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