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LY28 crossflow L Series Cylinder head


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Found a few pictures of the LY28 crossflow head. :shock:


The guy who's selling it wants $14K for it. :shock::shock:


Can't see a valve cover for it...anyone got one lying around? :)


Not to be too critical, the chambers look huge. Good for a turbo setup maybe? Domed pistons for a NA setup?


Thoughts/impressions anyone?







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Thoughts/impressions anyone?


It's on Yahoo Japan auctions, and the start price is 990,000 JPY - so the 'price' you will have to pay depends on whether - and how much - other people bid for it.


It's missing a few pieces. Valve cover as you noted, but also exhaust and ( vital ) inlet manifold and its cooling channel. Valve springs, spring retainers and collets, the special chain tensioner parts and the special chain itself. You would need the specially-angled trans bellhousing and engine mounts to suit too.


These were originally used with a special crank, rods & domed pistons. All data is available - parts a little less so.


Start price is lower than you usually see these up for...........

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