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350Z SR20DET Drift Car buildup :)


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Well I went to Pro-Motion Distrbuting on Friday and picked up their final stock of the Sparco Pro2000 Seats as well as some aluminum side mounts.


I also got my Momo steering wheel hub but still trying to decide on which steering wheel to do with...


Keep your eye out for the ETB Instruments DigiDash coming soon :)


Check the seats out:


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Been trying to clean up the rest of the interior so we can prep it for paint and begin to move onto the rest of the good stuff!!!


The rubber seem sealer is a pain in the ass to wire wheel all off, but it is finally done! Oh and I used dry ice of course to remove all the tar.





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I was comparing a stock VQ to a built SR20det. I guess its not a fair comparison. I don't have any numbers on hand, but I'm willing to bet that a sr20det with all turbo components is going to be lighter than a turboed VQ setup!


So sure? I'm not going to try to argue, but I'd say both engines are within spitting distance of each other. The VQ might be a smidge heavier, but will have a lower center of gravity, and sit slightly farther back if the blocks were mounted staring at the same point.


All in all I'd say the differences aren't mentionable. You'll see more of an effect created from a full tank to empty tank. Both engines should come in under 400 pounds in NA form (dry),which is "light enough" for most applications. Verified weights can be found of both engines in the enginer/trans stick on this site under the misc tech section, though they're hard to compare because of what is and isn't missing on each.


All that being said... this car looks great. Looks like you took a "perfectly good" 350Z and turned it into a perfectly good car finally :-P

(just kidding, i've grown to respect the 350Z but i'm excited to see this project progress)

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Well this would have been a productive weekend usually, if we had actually liked the final turnout of the interior paint. We spent the entire day on Saturday prepping the car to be ready to paint and we got to the interior on Sunday morning and were going to start painting the exterior of the car but it was drizzling and not a good day to continue. The end result of the interior we didn’t like so much, but you guys be the judge. Going to re-paint it this weekend hopefully.















We brought the infamous SR20 powered 240Z to rip its heart out! It was sad to take the car back home on a trailer but it had to be done at some point. In the future the 240Z is likely to get a 2JZ for some street fun. (Don’t mind the tow straps as were pulling the engine, its super light and didn’t have the transmission attached to it anymore)








Be sure to keep up on http://www.AlexVillabrille.com

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A few updates over these past few days.


The motor pulled from the 240z was dropped into the 350z :) Fits very nicely and just need to modify the top-mount manifold so that the turbo clears the strut tower and is closer to the motor and further away from the brake parts.


I went ahead and pulled the brake pedal (was automatic before) to cut it down to size and also install the clutch pedal and master cylinder at the same time. Brake booster and master were also set in place and re-installed


We also got started on the re-wiring of the standalone and complete car. The factory wiring harnesses for the car weigh so much its ridiculous. This new EZ-Wire setup definitely comes in handy but is very time consuming.







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our SR makes just under 400 ft. lbs of torque and 500whp. The VQ is heavier and would have cost us more to build, not to mention the lack of room to work around the engine and doing routine maintenance between events.


It feels like the project is getting closer and closer but there is still so much to be done!

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thats crazy.i dont doubt the engines capability of power whatsoever,good idea,just not something i could do..im a v6 lover.lol


You're either very sarcastic, or a very big idiot.


But that's ok, because I hate V6 engines because they don't make power, you have to have a V8 to make any REAL power.... :roll:


All joking aside there's plenty of power available from this powertrain and if you'd actually read the thread you'd see that the reasoning for choosing this combo makes perfect sense.

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