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RX7 S4/S5 Front Suspension

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not much different from S4 to S5, all the suspension is interchangable between the 2nd gens. i'm not sure about 15 to 20 degrees but they are little more aggresive than other cars i've worked on, the S4 and S5 suspensions are is very ahead of its time. Plus mazda's main goal was to enhance suspension techniques for the RX7. What other car out there, you gonna find 50/50 weight ratio distribution.


I was more concerned that I have pointlessly modified my crossmember in an attempt to correct the LCA angle, by cutting 25mm of it I think I may have inadvertently caused some bonnet clearances issues because the engine is now effectively 25mm higher, eh, fun never stops :-)!


What worried me was that there may have been some reason for the LCA's pointing up - not just at the horizontal, but very noticeably upwards - from what I understand - this is not a good thing at all and it worried me Mazda had done it on purpose because of some very legitimate reason I didn't understand :-)!


There are other weird things as well, you can spot it in the photo's above that I have posted - the inner LCA pivot is a good 30-40mm below that of the rack end, plus the tie-rod end hole is twice the distance approximately away from the ball-joint compared with the rack-end and LCA inner pivot, also the tie-rod end hole is 20-25mm higher than that of the ball-joint, appears lots or in-built bump-steer from the Mazda engineer's!


I have not altered any of this because I figured that Mazda probably had a better idea of what they are doing than I do - until I drive my car I planned on not altering any of these things,


BUT, as these aforementioned items were a little bit odd, I thought they may also be something different with the LCA of the RX7!

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let me ask a few people that on my the rx7club. and let me do some searching as to why they designed it that way... there is a bunch of "know it alls'" on that forum. i'll get back at ya.


I have been occupied with other fun car stuff and put the suspenion on the back burner, but am starting to think about the front suspenion again, you manage to dig up anything on what an RX7 S4/S5 looks like from the factory or what the LCA angles look like from the factory?


On a similar note, I had a peak under a friends Supra the other day and was quite surprised, the LCA angle on that car was just past the horizontal, the car isn't lower the stock, I know, I changed the springs to raise the ride height back up from where it was :-)!

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