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350 SBC Up and running *Video*

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I feel like a kid who's just walked into dad's cigar room filled with guests, old men smoking and talking about things foreign to me.


In short, I feel out of place around these parts of the boards. :-D


So user Drummingpariah sold his red 240Z to a friend of mine. The motor was toast, but Drummingpariah had already bought a retired 350 out of an ambulance, go figure, so that came with the car. I knew that if I didn't help my buddy out with this project it'd never run, and I told him ahead of time I'd help him out. He bought it just before the first rain this last winter, so probably around October. I knew if I didn't get the new engine in soon it'd sit out in a truck all wet winter, not good. So I helped get the engine in within a few weeks of him getting it.


Then it sat.


Then it sat some more.


Then the sun started to come out again.


Then the car became evil:



(I find that much more evil than the "splotchy red" it was before)


I think it went evil because it got angry about drummingpariah stealing the rims for his new Z...


So we started at it again. Only took about 3 days of working on it here and there, and many runs to part stores to oogle shiny things and then walking out with little things here and there. I'm not sure how much my friend has spent on parts, but I don't think it's too bad, probably about $250-300 or so (a lot of that was for the battery and tail lights).


So I showed up today and reset the distributor (was off 360 crank degrees, or 180 rotor degrees), and the thing fired right up! Yahoo!


I'll be working on it some more tonight, hopefully get it idling a bit smoother (I think I know what it is) and then we're going to start working on wiring up the car from scratch. It won't have AC/Heat, or much else. It's just going to be an engine with some gauges and switches (with relays on all of it).


So here's what you all want, a video:


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Oh yea, here's some more pictures.




Here's the pics of the wiring harness I took apart to supply this project.





Warning!!! When you park a project overtop a storm grate you're bound to go swimming for some bolts!!! This is the car owner, my friend, Cody.





I need to get another shot like this once the engines 100% back together.


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