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Starting My Custom Dash, 280zx

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Yes, I've got room for the steering wheel. It's a kind of close fit, but not so close that it will bother me. Also i'm thinking of moving the ignition switch down to the bottom side of the center console. LoL and if you havent noticed steeltoad, you and i have alot of the same ideas when it comes to our cars. I think i'm going with ZG flares though. What engine are you going to use? I've already got SBC 383 stroker with 700r4 in my car.


Behing steering wheel where speedometer ususally is will be my GPS (with speedo to cheat from having to make a cable work). Also I'm going to try and wire up green led's for turn signals (on each side of GPS), fuel gauge, and still have to decide if i'm going to run an A/C or not so i know if i need to mold in vents.

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Just stumbled over this thread today. Great concept and execution. And the pics are very instructional and inspiring.



Seems though, that I'm finding a lot of threads with custom dash projects that have been started, but not completed. Any updates to this one?

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