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240Z Rear Hatch Banging over Bumps

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have a new weather strip all around, aligmnent of sheet metal is good all around the opening, all stock pieces in place, striker is adjusted as tight as i can get it and still slam it closed yet it sounds like the hatch is banging against the striker over sharp bumps. I have elongated the slots in the striker for additional travel to lower the striker as far as possible but still it bangs.


Ideas ?

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The rubber bump stops are in place, as are the dovetails and down stoppers.


I also don't think the sheet metal around the lock on the lid is flexing on my car, its pretty stiff.


I have the striker adjusted so it just barely closes when closed forcefully. It's better than it was when i first started but still not acceptable.


There is a 1/4" hole about 4" down from the bumpers on each side on the body, not threaded. Not sure what is supposed to go there, nothing showing in the svc manual.

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The down stoppers appear to adjustable only in the fore and aft direction. Service manual has a confusing description. First it says the there is only adjustment in the front / rear direction (using the slotted screw holes). Then it says there is 5 mm of up and down adjustment but i can't see how. There is just a polyethylene wedge that slides up and down in the channel with a return spring under it. You would have to change the bottom piece that supports the spring with a taller one to raise the engagement point.

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