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L28 N42 block E88 head

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Hi all, I'm new to Zs, looking to buy one soon, with a non stock engine combo:


L28 N42 block E88 head with early carburetors on it


I did a search and haven't found any people with specifically this combination. How will the compression ratio on this combination be? the car is an early 71 Z with the swapped l28 block.(I'm assuming with the early 71 head?)


I know this is probably not enough information to make a judgment about compression ratio, but I'm just a bit worried that I haven't found this combination on the boards.


Also, I'm new to carburetors. I'm going to need to replace the fuel lines, tank and pump for this car. Do carburetors require an FPR? Should I switch to an electric fuel pump instead of replacing with a stock pump? what is involved with the switch?


Thanks for reading.

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The compression should be fine. Also http://www.ozdat.com/ozdatonline/enginedesign/ is awesome for figuring out compression on the L6.


I think if you switch to an electric pump you may need a FPR. Check the search button, it should bring up the answers you are looking for.


e88 n42 combo yields 8.2:1 compression ratio. but for some reason it says the e88 is from a 260z, which means it is probably smogged down head in terms of math for compression ratio yields. If it is an e88 from a early Z (almost exactly the same as the e31) it gives you 8.5:1 which is the same as a stock l28.

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