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new chev v8z owner...

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I met a guy and his wife at a hotrod shop in Federalway(South of Seattle) this weekend. He just purchased a 1976 280z with a 350/350 automatic swap for 3500.00. the car also came with a 11.9 1/4 mile time slip:burnout:. He's new to all of this so I'm gona get him set up here on this board. I have had z's for a long time and told him I can help with his new Z car project. I'm gona post some pix later this weekend. I did notice that from what I could see the motor mounts have only 1 bolt to the cross member. this doesn't seem like a good idea to me. I don't know if the engine/trans swap was done using the JTR mounts or not. I do know that the wire harness is cooked from the passenger side exhaust. Also the brakes are squishy-thats easy to fix though. I'm gona give a real good look at the engine/trans mounts first and get some pix for yas...

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as far as I can tell the engine is a 350 cid chevy with camel hump 202 heads full roller motor and timming gears. has a holley 750 double pumper and highrise intake. mallory ignition-dunno if its a uni-lite though. also has a secondary fuel pump coming off a resivoir still using the original pump by the rear tire. came with hoosier 16 x 8 drag slicks and a set of goodyear street tires. has a 3500 rpm stall in the trans. this swap smells of a "shade tree quicky". the motor mounts are nothing more than some channel iron torched to fit. I still gota check the trans mount and driveline. It does have a full dual exhaust but some of the pipe looks like it was crushed to fit ;-( I forgot my camera for pix...

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