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Molding G35 headlight into my headlight bucket?

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Ok so I figure Ill post this here rather than the fabrication thread, cuz my main question is body related. Im really liking the idea of molding a different vehicles headlights into my headlight bucket. I think as long as the new headlight fits "inside" our huge buckets, it shouldnt be THAT hard to mold it in, should it? I originally was thinkin some nissan or infinity that has this shape, since maybe it would fit inside the bucket.


but i havent taken any measurements yet. Then I started thinkin maybe it would be easier to start with a headlights thats already round, as long as it isnt too wide for the bucket like this

0103_01%2B2002_Subaru_WRX%2BFront_Headlight_View.jpg Mercedes%2520-%2520W210%2520Accessories%2520-%2520INPRO%2520Update%2520Headlights%2520(W210-392838).jpg

tho the wrx light might be too wide. The mercedes one would have nice optics too. I want something with nice OEM HID projectors. any thoughts on this? how hard would it be to do the molding to fit the headlight in there? way too much work? am i crazy? has this been done? point me to the link ? :D Thanks!

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Not likely going to find a lot of "I've done that" kind of help. It is an interesting idea for sure, but is a totally custom job that would be difficult to predict the issues that may arise during the installation.


It is possible to do. I would measure lots of headlights, and find one you like that "looks" like it will fit. You won't be able to get closer than that.


I would then try and mount the headlight in a frame to hold it in place, and be able to "test light" it at night to make sure you can get them aimed. Don't forget to test the same on your stock headlight so you "KNOW" what to aim for.


Then I would use some plastic wrap to work as a release, and then use expanding foam to create the shape to blend into the fenders. Some fibreglass, and paint, and your good to go. I've made it sound kinda easy, but it will take a considerable amount of time to do unless you are an experienced bodyman.


Go for it. Post back your progress.


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YEah, on our other thread we were talking about this. I had been thinking about the different type of lights we could put in. The problem is most lights these days are not flat 90 deg to the road. so fitting them into our buckets is difficult. I wanted to put in alternate lights then use those plastic bucket covers over them to preserve the Z look. That Taurus light conversion is cool, but a little more than I'd want to do. Ideally they'd fit in the stock buckets. .


I'd looked at a lot of alternate bulbs and setups, just trying to make some match and get something different without ending up with the nuclear nipple look. keeping the projectors offset helps a lot.


The Jeep liberty bulbs might work as they stand out a bit, but are still 7", though they're not projector and we'd still need the clear S30 bucket covers. I need to drive around with a measuring tape to see what would fit when I see one I like.


Keep me apprised on what you come up with. I'd be willing to collaborate. Ideally we'd be making pyrex S30 covers that attach to whatever lights as sealed units. but that's smoke for now.



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I love this idea and it would also serve a practical purpose of rounding of the front of the car and helping aerodynamics!


BUT..........I had a really good look at this and the problem I ran into is that you are highly unlikely to find a light that will fit into the Z bucket, so you have to start making alterations to the front of the Z,


I found you would have to remove the metal that the headlight buckets mount to, this wouldn't be much of an issue if the bonnet wasn't also connected to this area!


Which means you have to put the bonnet hinges in a different location, most likely the back of the engine bay, where the battery and brake booster is located :-)!


If you could find a light that fits into the Z headlight buckets so you could modify them to mount in basically the same way as the original's, but enclosed like the above picturs you have posted, I think this would be a goer - otherwise you are in for some pretty serious fabrication work, from making a headlight surround to creating a new front end and then mounting the bonnett in a different way - I also figured that the bonnet is probably to long, unless you whip up some sort of G-Nose, so you would have to create your own custom bonnet!


I ended up sticking with the stock stuff :-)!

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