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The official White Z thread

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Very very nice! What are your suspension and wheel specs if I may ask?


Thanks! 17x8.25/9.75 XXR 527's. Im cheating and using spacers. it sucks.. :ph34r: . Suspension is just chopped springs but the BC coils are on their way! Updates on that will be soon. 

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Here is my 77 280.  I got some great ideas from this thread!  Thanks to all.  I used Ford ultra pure white and satin black for the front bumper, chrome bits, and the tail light surround.  My only regret was not removing the side marker lights which could have been done when the body work was stripped to the bare metal.  Oh well, I am stil very happy with the look of the car.  I am hopeful to find some side marker lights that fit more flush to the body. The paint job went WAY over budget so the 14 inch ARE wheels will be around for a while.  Side mirrors are from a Miata.





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I've been waiting years to post in this thread! Can I play too? The paint is single stage Omni by PPG, Color code 882. Two coats of primer followed by five coats of base. It's excessively thick but I got some pretty bad runs on my first coat that I wanted to make sure I had the depth to be able to color sand out


Sorry the pics are flipped. I'm posting from my phone.




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