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e35 cam and backfire

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I have owned my 78 280z for just over two years now, it passes smog and runs well. Before I bought the car, the previous owner (who I have found out to be somewhat of a liar), told me the car had a mild cam instead of the stock cam, car passed smog in California anyway, (why I think its stock). Recently I had a loud ticking noise from my car, and a friend mechanic took a look for me, told me it was my exhaust manifold, and proceeded to take a look at my valves. they were too loose according to factory specs, so he changed the valvelash to 10 and 12 I believe (whatever is factory stock). Yet after I left his place my car started backfiring! My car now backfires at 2600-2900 rpms but only when I let out the gas and I am in gear. I checked the cam, it says e35 on it. Just wondering if anyone knows if this is stock or if this is aftermarket, I think the backfiring is due to my exhaust leak at the manifold, yet I am not sure because I had the leak before the valvelash was adjusted. thanks.

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Sounds about right. at around that RPM the injectors kick back on. if I don't run a muffler on my car, i can get some big backfires (technically, afterfire) at times.


our Z's kick off the injectors on deacceleration till around 2600+ rpm, and will make a pop when they come on sometimes. with the exhaust leak, it won't filter out those pops that the muffler normally would, probably are escaping out of your leak.

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