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Hi everyone, I have a 1971 240z with an L28 (N42) block and E88 head. The PO said it had been sitting for two years and it had a valve lash pop off due to sticky oil that I fixed. I also just redid the fuel system (newish 280z tank, new hoses, pump, filter. Carburetor float needles were stuck closed, but I soaked them in carb cleaner and they move freely now, cleaned the banjo fitting mesh filter. Also adjusted float level, timing and valve clearance as per FSM.


Here is a video of the car idling


Now to the problem. The car is idling very rough, engine is shaking, there is a loud clicking noise coming from somewhere and pulling spark plugs doesn't have much if any effect on the first 3 cylinders


So after switching plugs 3/4 and seeing a difference, I decided to try out all new plugs. I put them in, and #2-6 passed the plug test, while #1 failed. Pulled #1 plug and it looked like no fuel at all had gone near it, and there was a slow white smoke coming out of the plug hole (not steam).


Now after about 5 minutes of running, it seems the new plugs have started to foul again. Car is back to running like how it was with the old plugs.


Here is pictures of the old and new plugs (kind of erratic pattern of fouling on the new set)








Any thoughts?

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tech - I have a stethoscope, didn't think to check the chain, thanks for the tip. And trust me I didn't want to buy those plugs, but they were the cheapest they had in stock.


Challenger - I think it is running rich..there is also a tiny pool of fuel that always gathers on the opening of the front carb. It's got a stock replacement mechanical pump

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