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240z fiberglass bumpers took over my summer!!


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Been working with fiberglass for almost a year now and it's crazy how many

ideas actually pop into your head when you learn something like glassing.

Although most of the ideas are probably way too advanced for a beginner

to tackle, I thought I'd try something a little more plausible. So I decided to

make some bumpers...


I had already welded up my front and rear bumpers; Got rid of all the

seams and holes, so most of the labor was already done. All that was left

was to make molds. Just recently completed my front bumper mold but

haven't been able to lay the glass for it yet. Here's a pic of the rear

bumper inside the mold.




Since the glass is somewhat thicker, and due to shrinkage, the space

inside the bumper where it's mounted is a little narrower, so the U shape

brackets used to mounted the bumper had to be modified. But instead of

cutting up the brackets, I just decided to make some.





The combined weight of the bumper with the two brackets is around 4 lbs,

which is definitely a great weight reduction; rather than having to take the

bumpers off completely.


Finally got around to painting a finished bumper and got it mounted today.

Everything lines up nicely =).






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haha, my first mold I made was for a bre rear spoiler, was trying to do something and

ended up messing up the mold. As for front air dams, definitely a lot more work and I

know how many times I've hit my urethane bumper on my drive way, streets, dips,

and making a fiberglass one does not seem worth it. Probably break the thing like

twice a day.


I did contemplate selling them but I've got to find boxes If I want to ship

them. Before I start making more bumpers though, I'd like to test fit another rear

bumper I made on another 240 and see how well it lines up since the mounting point on my car on the right side isn't all that straight. If anyone in so cal is interested.

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I think I know those hills in the background . . . is that by the 241 toll road?


Tell you the truth, are you the guy I sold my engine and trans to? :) Brought it over in a white truck.


It's actually right off of irvine center drive, street called bake. As for the engine and trans, I think you might be thinking of some one else.

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