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240z fiberglass bumpers took over my summer!!


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Yeah Brad, I did some searching yesterday and found a place that had some nice

boxes I could cut up and make a bigger box myself to fit the bumpers. And shipping

something with the dimensions I figured would be around 60-70 dollars assuming when

everything is packed it would be around 10 pounds (hopefully it's less).


On another note, had to adapt my mold rack to fit my front mold; glad I didn't have to

make another rack.. Finally got some glass down on the mold. Was a little bit more

messy than I'd hoped. The front bumper is a lot more narrow than the rear. Kind of a

hard area to work in.






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Got a chance today to trim the front bumper today, test mounted it and took some

pics. Although fitment with the metal bumper brackets isn't that bad, it is a little off.

I've got to make a pair of front brackets so I can make the holes bigger. Should give

me more adjustment to get the bumper lined up better on each side.





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Liking this very uch, since every other bumper I've read about has had serious fit / finish issues.


Shipping - if I were there, you could give me a utility knife, a 4' wide roll of 1" bubble wrap, a tape gun, and a 4'x8' flat of cardboard, and I'd build a box template in less than half an hour for you, which would be gorilla-proof after wrapping the bumper in the bubble wrap. Used to do that a LOT. One prototype box and you'd just lay it out, trace, cut, wrap, tape, ship.

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I love the idea of fiberglass bumpers. Lightweight and easily replaced. I also would love to learn how to work with fiberglass, definitely on my huge list of things to do.


Off topic, but how do you like your projector lens? Are they the ebay set. I know they have issues with blinding people, but are they better than the standard ebay H4 conversion housings?


I have a set of H4 HIDs I wanna put in mine, but I can not decide which housing to get.


Thanks in advanced, and your car looks great!



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Hey Andy, me and my friend just did a bunch of searching on google and different sites to learn how to glass. Wish I could remember the video we found, but it basically explained step by step how to make your basic mold. And even though it was from like..the 80s and had the most unenthusiastic person hosting the video it was still very informative; What supplies you need, dry times, applying resin, releasing molds..etc.


As for the projectors, they aren't a set from ebay. I actually made a thread of how I made them out of some rx8 projectors. They work great though. As long as the cut off line is at a decent height, there shouldn't be a problem of blinding people. Haven't got any complaints from my friends or anything when I drive behind them.

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Sounds good, id suggest becoming a sponsor or just starting a group buy, i think you will have plenty of demand especially if it looks as good as the quality youre making now, just find somone to do it in carbon as well and BAM youre in there and us "other" guys will finally get a good fitting product. Email me when you get it rolling i'd definately help start it up with you jeffdahot1@hotmail.com -Jeff

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Very nice! I dunno what part of CA you are in, but if you decide you want them chrome, there is a powder-coating shop in Rocklin that can powder-coat nearly any material. I forget what show I was at, but there was someone who had done just that.. chromed fiberglass.


I keep wanting to get around to doing some fiberglass. I'd like to make some doors with a box steel frame and fiberglass skins like I've seen a couple times in kit car magazines.

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