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First time at the track this year in the LSZ

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Well on Wed I went to Toronto Motorsports Park with my OQCGP club and had some fun.

Got there around 730ish and went to check in. Got my shoe polish # and turned around and went into the lines. Straight of the street, full pressure DR's, full interior, jacket, my work stuff and me with a helmet.


First run blasted off a 12.34 @116 with a staggering 2.0 60'

Thats over 3tenths faster than last year and 7MPH faster!!


Hot lap

12.31 @116.9 2.0 again


runs 3-6 had issues


I did cut 3 sub 2.0 60' times when they gave me some water in the box so I could warm the DR's up. Got down to a 1.85 but the car was missing HUGE at the top of 1st and 2nd, like 1000RPM drops then it'd pull like a scalded cat again. ran 12.5 arg.


My problem you may ask, fuel. I was basically dry which is optimal for racing, unless your fuel pump feed is at the front of the tank and not the rear. Pump was sucking air, cutting out then when the nose dropped fuel would get to the pump and it'd pull again. Awesome eh? Mental note, have more gas in the car and go run 11's in street trim. :D


Some of the people that were watching were saying that they could hear me breaking loose in 2nd and 3rd gears on the shifts. I could definately feel the car squat slide on the shifts which was nutty all on its own. This track experience is night and day from what the car was like last time. I was way less nervous and the car felt 100% better. The track wasnt prep'd super well but I still went home with almost every run (even with cutting out) being faster than last year. All this and the car hasn't been tuned for the intake and TB that I'm running now.


Good times. :-)


Next time i'm going for 11's come hell or breakage :)

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Congrats on the numbers!!


I have always wondered how I have better times than other cars with more power though??? I have run a best of 11.8@115 but I layed down a mere 274whp....I also am cutting 1.7 60' but that should not be that big of a differance. I guess get that fuel problem fixed and do it again!


Also, what size and type of tires?

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I'm running 235/60/15 Mickey Thompson Drag Radials

I wasn't able to get much heat into them as they didn't even put water down for burnouts and they hadn't prepared the track at all for the test and tune night as was evident by the spinning down track. I need to learn to launch it harder and get heat into the tires. The tires are basically new with only 10 passes on them and two trips to the track of milage (50miles each way) so they are still new.



More fuel, hot tires and away I go.

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Well I'm back.

Went to St Thomas for when they opened the gates tonight.

630 tires were smokin' and people were racing.

Not a lot of cars out but tons of bikes and a few FAST sleds too!


My night was awesome.

First and foremost, drove there and back under my own power. Woot. Always a bonus.


I did 5 runs and called it a night.


1st run

R/T .1952

60' 1.7799 (OMG- unfucking real!)

330ft 5.0467

ET @ 594ft 7.2017

1/8th 7.6768

1/8th MPH 94.72

1/4 ET 11.7738 (OMG UNFUCKING REAL!!!)

1/4 MPH - 119.98 (OMG!)




I nearly shat myself.


That's .56 FASTER than two wednesday's ago and another 3MPH!




I msg'd my friend and he told me to back it up or he's calling it timing error. Dick.


5th and last run of the night








120.97 (fastest trap EVER for the car)



Eat that.


ALL trap speeds were between 119.98 and 120.97 for all 5 runs.


Slowest time of the night was 11.87, 11.86, 11.84, 11.82 and the 11.77





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Guest Gr8White

120 mph is good for at least some low 11's if you can get the 60 foot into the 1.5X range...Nice times, feels great to run the number, doesn't it? Your 60' is killing you, if you could even get this into the 1.6's a mid 11 would be cake......The 235's are probably not helping you, you definitely need more tire.


Bring a trailer with you with some bigger meats and hammer on it!!!

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