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Regarding motor mounts for a ford 3.8l


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I have searched, it just brought up like 6 or 7 of people just TALKing about the engine, but non of how one goes about doing it.


Well, I'm looking to get a 280z... and I've been going back and forth about if to just sup up the L28... or swap in an L28ET... Or maybe a V8... But then it hit me... V6! and then I thought to myself, supercharger/turbo set up from factory and BAM! the 3.8L SC!!. It's easy to achieve power from it, with swapping a pulley, Gives a nice SC sound and would give the lil 280Z a fast run. and Would seem to have reasonably good amount space for being a V6.


My question is: Do I get a set of Mounts for the engine then weld them on the frame, or by chance would there be a universal Bolt on kit for V6 engines?



And when doing all this? I would just need to use the ECU Harness, and ECU and route them so it works? Or would there be more then it to that?




P.S. I figured with this, I could have a clean swap with a Supercharger on it, and it's not as heavy as a V8!


...So I DID search, but got nothing about mounting!


Thanks again!

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Hello there. Not sure the 3.8 is such a great choice unless you enjoy replacing headgaskets every 60k or so. You should either go with an turbo L28 or your choice of V8. The V8 path is much easier and cheaper to get whatever power you are looking for. Also the 5.0 Ford V8 is often lighter than a straight six....


That being said, to mount a 3.8 I would buy some stock mounts and then fab brackets or a crossmember to fit them. The ecu's wiring harness is probably gonna need to be spliced into a bit.

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ive got a 92 240sx hatch im piddle farting around with into a drift project.... i had bought a tt 300zx project some time ago and am now left with the parts car, PLUS i had purchase a 90 cougar xr-7 from afreind a few years back with the 3.8SC.


plan is:


port/polish the SC plus teflon impellars

SC pulley



roller rockers


new head gasket(the cougar was 150 bucks with a blown HG, hey...)

ring the heads

ect ect



cheap high performance clutch kit

ANY BUILT t5 from a v6 84-04 mustang

custom drive shaft

z32 rear end

z32 hubs(5-lug big brake conv)

ect ect



koukie(jdm) spoiler

koukie(jdm) tail lights

wide body(for offsets not rice)

s13.4 conversion( 94-99 jdm front end conversion)


end project = cheap torquey daily drifter for... did i mention cheap?????


only issues i for see are:

Mounts... ill just hard mount it all, after all it is going to me a daily drifter/track car

Wiring Harnes: ill splice down the non essential parts of both the ford and nissan wiring harness and loom them together

Gauges: custom mounted within the stock cluster and pillar pod.


END RESULT will be some where around 360HP/410TQ 2500lb drift car for around 3000 bucks(5000 after body work). i had the cougar sitting around, the z32 parts car was just sitting around, and ive always wanted a 240 but the head gasket blew on the way home from buying the @$#%thing.


so if you really wanna go for the 3.8SC conversion then do it man.... 5.0HO are over played.



and yes i intend to post this in the build forum as well before any one politefully suggests that ;)

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get the ford book called evtm for your year of engine.this is the ford dealer wiring diagram book and its very easy to follow.i used to work on these as a ford dealer tech.if i were doing this i would weld some brackets to the front frame rails and fab a crossmember just for the engine-maybe some sleeves with urethene bushings where the crossmember attaches to the front frame unibody rails.then cut the old mounts off of nissan x member.in a 240 sx you would probably attach to oem mounting points.time to put the car on stands-hang the motor from the ceiling-put a stand under the trans .then start making patterns.

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