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Spotted in Bingen, WA: 240X4 Z (4X4 Z)-Pics!

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I saw one of these advertised in my local Auto Trader about ten years ago where the chassis had been split at the firewall, and the front end tilted forwards and the cab and rear tilted backwards. Not sure if the chassis was at all complete on the underside or what the deal was, but it was WILD.... and MUUUUCH taller than this little old thing.


I'm not an off-roader, but if you're gonna drop an American V8 into the thing.... then how can you fault doing THAT?!? Even to one who prefers a civilized road course, muddins' FUN!!!! That car just screams YEEEHAW, whether you are a fan of yee-haw or not. Can you imagine the mud drifting???


Besides, I can counter with this... This is a Subaru XT-6 with a soobie d/r 4wd gearbox, nissan transfer case and some custom frame work:




more here.

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Hey I'm also a 4x4'er and I think that Z is disgusting, but hey it's his vehicle, and at least he didn't frack up a series I. That being said. it looks like he did a decent job on the converision. I would like to see under the hood, and how he did the interior. I would hope he'd done twin sticks, and maybe some real gearing. but the frame he's got looks like it's from a Jeep YJ. (note the leaf springs, and body mounts) I guess I can't fault the guy, I mean he loves driving a Z, and what's wrong with wanting to drive it everywhere? Though I bet he cut down his quarter mile time and top speed a little. In my YJ, on 33's I can't get about about 80MPH.

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makes me wonder if the 240x4 is the guy on the IH Scout forums who was talking about doing a similar project, he mentioned finding a Z in a junkyard then dissappeard, IF its his, the plan was to put an "oddball sports car body" as he put it, on a '77 Scout II that had been rolled down a valley, supposedly had a IH345 V8 all rebuilt and ready to go, so it should be quite a beast.


I beleive I've seen that delorean on a TV show actually, if I recall it was built out of NOS parts off the racks, don't remember the company but someone had purchased EVERYTHING from DMC and warehouses/sells em for restorations.

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