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turbo mix up


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Hey guys, Im getting ready to pull my messed up 83 turbo motor in my 83 zxt to put in a low 72,000 miles 83 zxt motor in

Im going with a 1 mm mls headgasket and new water pump and oil pump apon reinstall. I currently run the stock t3 turbo. I would like to upgrade my turbo before i put the motor in the car. Would you recommend a t3/t4 or the t04e. I can find both fairly cheap around where i live. What are the advantages of both? I know the t3/t4 needs rebuilt and the t04e is TO4E Turbocharger almost new .50 Compressor, .63 Turbine very high flow/ high boost turbo. Comes with integral wastegate. Which would you think would be best for street driven sometimes drag raced car? I plan to run a custom 2.5 or 3 inch downpipe into 3 inch exhaust, with big intercooler and 10 psi of boost and later on msns. Let me know what you guys and gals think.

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