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effect of rod/ stroke ratio on detonation


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Wow. All this talk about Toyota and Honda rods?!?:icon56:


Not even one mention of the long and light L14 rods.


Which would bolt right in...measured the ones out of my 3.1 with 89mm Arias pistons, treated LD crank today..137 center to center length guys(measured with regular calipers so I may be off a millimeter or so)....and they bolt right up to any early L series with no crank mods. Small ends on mine are bushed for full floating 22mm pins.


Arent the LD rods heavy as heck? Kind of like the FJ20 140mm center to center length ones? Isnt that going to be alot of extra stress on the crank which is already the weakest point?


On the really fast turbo motors here in Japan, its not common to snap a fully race prepped LD crank at the point right behind the 6th journal.


Going back in this thread a bit...i`ve to run a Turbo L24 block and rods/N42 head as well as a L28 block/L28 rod in my 80 GC211 Skyline back in the day. The L28 had more power than the L24. But the L24 not only revved higher, but revved a lot quicker having much better response than the 28. Same car, same gearing basically the same fuel injection and same turbo. 1st, 2nd, and half of 3rd, that L24 would have left the L28 in the dust.


More power may be faster but isnt always quicker....

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