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Swapping 240z tails and bumpers to a 260Z?


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The tails will need a decent amount of work to get them to fit. And they'll need to be rewired if i remember correctly.


And the bumpers will need brackets because they mount differently.


This is what you need.




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I was thinking about doing this also, but with my 280...

Haven't tried it yet, but in my head, seems pretty simple. You just need to see the different shaped openings where the taillight bolt into the body.


280z style are split into two, the reverse light and the brake/turn lights.

240z style are one big piece. (can't find a picture quickly to show opening shape)

Heres some pictures for reference..

280z tailligh panel:



Back on 280 taillights..the shape fits in those holes..



back of 240 tailights...they have just on opening. and these prob wont fit into the smaller 280 openings...





So I think that we'll have to cut a bigger shape to fit the 240 tails. Then slap on the taililght bezels/license plate bezel/light and you're a hybrid 240!


please someone, correct me if I'm off...I was just thinking this in my head..

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