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89 240sx vs 86 300zx

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I swaped a 355 sbc into my 86 300zx. I am having exhuast issues. I would like to run headers for this motor but obviously room is a big factor. I found this web site that sells engine swap kits etc for 240sx 89+ along with header kits. The header kit they sell for that car from wat they say wraps around the steering column. THe question is, is the placement of the steering column onthe 89 240sx the same as teh 86 300zx. I know nissan changed the postion of hte rack to either front or behind the subframe. ON the 300zx its behind. Anyone have any ideas. The website is Hinson SUpercars. I have found nothing on this swap for the 300zx. Will the headers work for the 240sx on the 300zx when swaping a 355sbc into the picture?


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r u refering to the hieght of the motor to subfram and clearence to steering shaft?

i do not have pics of the motor and or exhuast i will try to get some reall soon please bare with me,

ALso i found this guy online i think he posted here too I think its supratrucks.com he made or bought a 86 300zx and put a 355sbc in it full role cage ford 9 and nitrus like full deal. I asked him the part numbers for his exhuast which he said were writen wrong on the description. NO luck there. basically im looken for a header that 1, 3 will go one side and 5, 7 the othe. Ive moved the oil filter so thats not a problem.

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