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rb25 280z new best.......9.69 @ 144mph

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DJHsuperZ: Same Z as in the viper video. It is in quite a few videos floating around racing random fast street cars. lol


boostmaster: On the day the 9 sec pass was made I was spraying as I took my foot off the brake. Usually, on a better hooking track, I'm full throttle and spraying about a half second before I let off the brake.


daron: I'm running stock 280z stubs with 280zxt axles, and a r200 lsd.

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Hey Taylor. I have a `78 280z also. I am putting an ls1 in it. I am running panasports 16x7`s. What rim width do you have on the back and do you have the stock suspension? I also have mine lowered. I don`t want to cut the fenders for flares unless I have to. Mark
facepalm.jpg Basic forum etiquette would say you could just contact him through Private Message or find a relevant thread topic or search for this information.
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Running 15x8 with a 5.5 backspacing and a tiny spacer (rubbed the strut just a hair on one side when I put on my 2nd set of MT radials.....kinda strange). Stock suspension with coilovers. It's a pretty tight fit in the back but it's all inside the fenders and doesn't rub. I also shaved my fender lips years ago to make some nittos fit so that gives me a little more room.



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