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Rare/Interesting/cool Parts Thread

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  Nice built 24OZ! How did you handle the double AFM? Have you made one AFM that be separates just before the turbo?   What ITB do you have? The O.E.R?

Seen this today on YouTube interesting set up I wonder If the person has a build up thread here?  

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the two in my link are the same, but the red one has fog lights, which are probably an option. the silver one looks to have had it's center air passage modified to be more open.


another link to the kit:



and their website:


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Yeah the pic is just flipped. You can see the bonnet catch at the back of the engine. I had a double take at that one too. I wonder what the manifold at the top is though. Oh and if you get composite doors made up, I recommend that you use kevlar instead. Then you can flex the doors and they just pop back into shape. Much more forgiving than fibreglass or carbon. I used kevlar for all the panels on my 4x4 race truck and they lasted through a lot of hard work. lol

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Im going to say they flipped the negative for the article. And not some special part.

yeah because there is another article with the same flipped engine


also look at where the brake master cylinder is, should be opposite the intake/exhaust on a jdm s30, also i doubt its a new block so the distributor is a dead give away

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