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Rare/Interesting/cool Parts Thread


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Does anyone have any interest in owning one of those "280zx turbo" tail light panels? One came uninstalled with my 280 complete with I believe one bulb missing but I dont have any use for it... any reasonable offer including shipping and I would appreciate getting it out of my living room.

Yes please PM sent

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I found out they were made by a company called JDS (japan datsun service) and come in four and five lug variants. Sets originally all came staggered however over the years of mix and match there may be some out there that arent. Would be very cool to run a set on a 280 someday (i cant bring myself to own a z31)

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Picked this up from ebay the other day. Ski Rack made for S30 and S130 2+2's by the MOHN company in California around the 70's-80's offered as a dealer option from what I can find. Can't find too much info on it. But it's going on my coupe to hold my vintage skis for car shows.


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Let give this tread a few bump...


Now on sale in Japan.

One of those ultra rare JDS ( Japan Datsun Service) wheels set.

In decent shape for the age.






And one of my last found for my 280zx built.

I've got the chance to get my hand on one of those rare s130z cluster this summer...



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