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ZCC - Custom Tail Project (Rear Spoiler)


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dsommer is ~2 weeks behind his moral obligations. Shall we ban him now or later? :mrgreen:


Holy spit!!!


Ban me OUCH!


Why am I in New Jersey right now? Oh yeah, work!


I will call the guy working on the body and make sure it's mounted up when I get back in town so I can get pics.


One reason for no pics is that body man doesn't want primer dust all over the part, neither do I!!!

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almost cool, but i still like the classic BRE spoiler. the corners are too sharp. well, it depends on what style z your building because this match the scarab z's.



But if you read the fine print this spoiler doesn't belong to the Scarab. Scarab originally eqipped their cars with the 3 piece spoilers (wrap around). The Sparrow tail is going on the ZGZ I am building.


ZGZ- Gnose car.


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