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Crazyoctopus 1972 240z build up (long first post)

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Ask and ye shall receive...   DAY 1, front install   So I headed over to YoshiFab this morning, and we started the process of slamming the car; MASSIVE thanks to Josh for the g

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Beautiful build, quick question though. That Personal steering wheel that you got off ebay, if you dont mind how much was it? I found the exact same one in a JY with the hub adapter and the Datsun horn button for $10. I grabbed it since I had never seen one before, I might end up keeping it but I sort of like my Carrol Shebly steering wheel that I have on now.

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wagon jon - maybe 3 start ups? hahah really i have no idea. at this point i am hoping that it will last long enough so that I can do some testing to make sure everything works. if it doesnt hold at all it is just a quick run to the yard or I have a guy that sells good blocks.


Gothalosism - $80 shipped to my door if i remember correctly. ps. i hate you for finding one in the yard.


I should have some updates soon, I just have been dealing with a new job and moving so i haven't had mush time to devote to the car.

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Cool build. Any big issues with the practicality of a slammed car? It just seems like you have to drive a lot slower most places to avoid bottoming out and damaging something.


I like the powerplant. What's the displacement on that motor? What's the driveshaft setup going to be?


Do you plan to race it or autocross it or anything or will it just be a street car? DD?

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datsun723 - Sure sounds good, I am in town after 6pm on the week days and there usually on the weekeds, send me a PM and we will plan it all out.


boredkid280z - No real issues with a slammed car, just lots of crawling over speed bumps or complete avoidance. the displacement is 2.4l just like a KA, and I am going to use the stock 240z driveshift cut down about an inch or so. The plan is to daily drive it, but I will still be using it in the mountains as well as on road courses whenever I have a chance.



time for a bit of an update




It has been too long since I have actually done any wiring on a car, and I never was really that good at it to begin with, but I have finally gotten around to tackling the chassis. With the wiring diagram that I created on the screen I started connecting everything to the relay and fuse box.



wiring by crazyoctopus, on Flickr


Drilled out my switch panel as well as my instrument panel and mounted what I needed to mount.



wiring by crazyoctopus, on Flickr



wiring by crazyoctopus, on Flickr



wiring by crazyoctopus, on Flickr


--This is not the final look of the panels, they will be covered with some fabric so that it doesn't blind me while I am driving.--


I am pretty stoked about how it turned out, and once it was all ready I started testing. At that moment I was no longer stoked about it...


Nothing worked, absolutely nothing. I kept trying different things and checking grounds but nothing was working. The relays were clicking, but none of the lights turned on. So after about 5 more minutes I called it a weekend and started to let the vodka+ flow.


During this time of intoxication I started to think about how I wired up the relays. I went everywhere on the internets with a diagram as to how ground switch relays are wired I found out that I was correct in what I did. However, what I did do wrong was mirror where the wires go to... yeah... I'm that guy. Somewhere down the line my numbers got switched around:


my layout translated from the Nissan numbers


30(1) --ooo-- 87(2)

85(3) __/ -- 86(5)




86(1) --ooo--85(2)

30(3) __/ -- 87(5)


So yeah... the visual diagram that I put at the bottom of the page is correct, just the Nissan numbers that I associated with it were wrong. I should have double checked but I figured that after 15 revisions it would be good.


Oh well such is life, and it isn't that big of a deal to re-plug everything back together. And that is my plan for this week, that way I have the whole weekend to make a transmission mount and hopefully start on the engine wiring harness, but I may save that for the very last thing that I do.

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A bit of an update...


A couple weekends ago I finally got around to rewiring the relays and started testing the whole harness to make sure that everything worked...


It did



Headlights by crazyoctopus, on Flickr


Due to that awesome bust of happiness, and actually getting visual progress, I had a new found rush of working on my car again. As such I worked on my car on Saturday with the hope that I would be able to make a transmission mount as well as see how much I had to cut off of my driveshaft to make it fit.


But before any of that could be done we had to get some sim racing in



back with a force by crazyoctopus, on Flickr


The next morning I made a quick run to the hardware store and picked up the required metal, bolts, and nuts. After a short bit of hammering, heating, and drilling I created a transmission mount. After final fit was done on the chassis I made a couple more holes into the chassis and bolted it all up.



transmission in! by crazyoctopus, on Flickr


Now it was time to see how much I was either going to have to cut off or add to the driveshaft to make it work...


So I bolted in the driveshaft...



bolted in driveshaft for fitment by crazyoctopus, on Flickr


And BOOM!!! YESSS!!!



PERFECT!!! WWWOOOOO!!!!!! by crazyoctopus, on Flickr


Seriously only about 1/16" from being where it was from the factory! Soooooo incredible. Now all that is needed is to find a U-joint that will convert the Datsun size to the Mustang size and I will be golden!


This week will be spend re-researching what I will need to finish the car and hopefully within the month I will be finished; actually I want to be finished by the 26th so that I can enter into open header night and roll around town being ******* loud, but we will see if that is actually possible



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updates will be coming soon I have been slammed with work and life and now that I have all of them in check i'll be getting back to the car, this weekend i'll be doing the simple thing of bolting on the flywheel, clutch, & pressure plate then reinstalling the engine and tranny to start up the wiring of the engine.


hopefully by the time that my hydro throwout bearing comes in all i will have to do is pop the tranny out and slide it it to get it on the road again!

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