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Crazyoctopus 1972 240z build up (long first post)

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Something happened, something is missing...
She moved for the first time in a year.

The 240z has been placed in the capable hands of none other than Yoshifab to do all of the finishing touches, and should be on the road yelling down the street within the next couple months. 


I cannot wait, it has been a long time in the works and am really glad that the driving day for the first volvo powered 240z is in the foreseeable future.

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Mornin' all, 


Slight update before I head to the shop today to get some more photos and check up on some dimensions for the shifter position. 


Radiator, intercooler are piped and mounted; new engine mounts and a 19t turbo, eFan from a 740 volvo (used to be from a fiero)




Transmission mounted & 3" pipe all the way back ((who needs a resonator/cat really? My Honda Fit offset the carbon footprint of this car...))





And for a nod to RE-Amemyia's Dolphin Tail, a slight tip drop


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Update on the car!


And sadly it isnt a good one, but before the heartbreak here are a couple shots that I took while I was at the shop on friday...


I really really love this slight dump on the tip, so... I took another shot of it. 


240z randoms by crazyoctopus, on Flickr


Where the battery is mounted. I know that some of you are thinking that I should have kept it where it was, but with all of the extra 0 gauge wire that I would need to run to mount it behind the passenger seat it would negate the savings and the weight offset.


240z randoms by crazyoctopus, on Flickr


ECU & EZK mounting plate. Passenger side foot tunnel, I will be adding some type of protective plate to mae sure some feet don't get too kick happy. 


240z randoms by crazyoctopus, on Flickr


And now for the heart break... 


Remember how I posted that hilarious bit of the junkyard engine having a crack in it that looked, and felt, like it was only on the exterior? And how I JB Welded it together in hopes that it would "fix" it, even temporarily?


god damnit by crazyoctopus, on Flickr


god damnit by crazyoctopus, on Flickr


Well... It wasn't only on the exterior... This bucket is filled with coolant AND oil...



This is what I thought when I saw the message from YoshiFab



The result was bound to happen, but I was really hoping that the engine would have at least started and moved under its own power with that block. Proof of concept... and maybe a boost of moral? 


It isn't all a total loss though as YoshiFab has a 92 b230 block at the shop. Hopefully not much longer until we see a video of it starting.


'till next time

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Needless to say yesterday ROYALLY SUCKED, but here is a nice heart warming chug that made my day 1000000 times better




That is with the bad block, air leaks, MAF placement, and possibly some bad injectors, BUT WHO ******* CARES IT CAN ACTUALLY RUN!!!!!!!


YoshiFab is already tearing down the block so now it is only time before it is road worthy.


::sigh of relief::

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This may have been a mojor contributor to why the engine sounded like a tactor...






and just for good measure... why not...




Even with those, it still ran. muahahhahahahaha.


Lazeum - Than you very much! and super AWESOME! Hopefully soon you will be seeing my lady on the street.

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Engine shape is terrible and it still run!


Lazeum - Than you very much! and super AWESOME! Hopefully soon you will be seeing my lady on the street.

I'm not so sure about this one. Check out my location :)

2 days ago somebody run into a 760 Turbo wagon & wrecked the whole front end (front suspension, fender & bumper - engine is still good) right in front of my apartment, I could follow your steps but I'm not that brave!

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I saw where you were Lazeum, who knows though? you may come to the states and see her on the road... very low chance, but it still exists...


Glad to see some ovlov love! For that love I give you some new content, and content of the best of types... 


Newly rebuilt engine, and moving parts!


(sorry for the redirect to my flickr)
IT MOVES!!!!!!

((ps. These vids were taken with a bad MAF, since then it has been replaced and the engine runs smooth))
Tomorrow I will be heading to the shop to hopefully take some actual "drive on the street" videos and photos. 
Seriously, excitebike times 12!! She is almost ready to be in my hands again, and SOOO CLOSE to having the final touches put on her to become my daily driver


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Well kidos, it has been two years since I threw sheets to the wind and decided that it would be a good idea to try to put a motor in a car that hadn't been done before. Sure there was quite a bit of frustration, hiccups, vodka, racked knuckles, & dust collecting, but there has not been a single project that I have ever been involved in that put this large of a smile of my face. HONESTY STRIKEOUT, I teared up on the drive back home from the shake down drive yesterday.


So without further ado here is the first drive of the 1972 Datsun 240z powered by a volvo b230 8v block with a 16v head, bolted to a Ford T5 transmission, snailed by a 19t turbo.



[The hesitation that you hear from the engine was due to both the ECU learning as well as running too little fuel  and having the engine stave. It smoothed out shortly after 5 gallons of fuel was put in]




::side note... doughnuts are now known as doritos::



Next post will be of, hopefully, some in car videos of the drive home. 


Please take note of the hilariously long shifter lever in the "first pass" video. The T-5 transmission sits much farther forward than the stock F4W 4-speed, so until I design and build a shifter relocation mechanism I will be sticking to a tube, welded to a plate, bolted to the tranny. I will say that I totally dig the boro dildo shift knob. I mean really, it is far too smile inducing for me to replace it soon. 




This morning I drove back to Yoshifab to make sure that the chassis wiring that I did two years ago still works. This way when I drive it home I will have working brake lights. The first step was to figure out which switches I actually need. Fantastically the team at yoshifab cut down the amount of switches that I need by nearly half: eFan is now controlled via a temp switch (volvo stock part), fuel pumps & IGN are kicked on with the kill key (instead of two switches).


When all was said and done I was left with only 3 switches: running/dash lights, high/low beam, & reverse lights. There was a hiccup with the brake lights, but after some troubleshooting I found out that the brake switch itself was sticking so I stole some lube and now it works fantastically. I had to leave before I tied up all the loose ends - Dad's B-day - but all that is left is to run a power wire from the fuse block to the battery, and tie the brake switch to the power side of the starter switch. 

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