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You guys see these yet? (TE37V Volk wheels with 4 on 114.3)

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Volk Racing is bringing something new back to the old school. Volk Racing has just released info about the upcoming TE37V for all you old school Toyota and Datsun / Nissan junkies. The TE37V is a deep lip, super low offset, 1-piece mold forged wheel utilizing the 4-114.3 lug pattern. These wheels are scheduled to finish production in March 2010 so ETA to USA will be end of April. Preorder your set now to be one of the first to rock these new kicks.

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Well they are Volks so......


I just thought it was sweet to see another RWD offset wheel for our cars!


definately good to see, I think the market is realizing that they have followings from the past, not just 240sx's and civics and occasionally the bimmer guy that ventures out past the BBS wheel selection :mrgreen:

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These wheels are similar. Although not offered in 0 offset, it is offered in 25mm offset.


4x114.3, 16x7. $350 shipped is not bad. Pick up a set of 25mm spacers/adapters and you're set.






Similarities are lug pattern and number of spokes, and that's where it ends.

You can not compare Volk to Konig. Volks are in a different league..., and I'm partial to Volk Wheels.

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You can not compare Volk to Konig.


Agreed, there is no comparison between pressure cast and net forged. Rays Engineering/Volk is the premier Japanese wheel manufacturer, their wheels are worth every penny you spend. The Konigs will be much heavier for the same load rating and you have to run a spacer, not cool.


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Nice wheels, but quite similar to Rota's Grid Drift (16x8 +10) wheels. I know that Rota copied the TE37, but their Drift wheels took off like wild fire. I like the low offset look of the Volk's though.


The Rota's are quite light themselves, not as light as the Volks, but the 16x8s come in around 16 to 17 lbs.

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