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Post pics of your z's here!!

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    Finally "finished." Rust free and returned to its original Datsun 113 Avocado green...

I really like the color of your Z a lot. Here's a few shoots of my 72. The first one is in it's stock form and the others are after new springs,shocks,wheels and tires.

Looking good Glenn!   FWIW, I've driven a '95 911 Turbo S pretty hard and was not overly impressed...

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So I feel sorta silly for posting yet because my car isn't really "done."  It never will be "done," or whatever that means, but I had sorta planned to wait until it was mostly together and really being driven.  However, I have been rebuilding this car for about 5 years now and after a steep learning curve with many re-do's and failed attempts with various components, I finally feel like I can call this ratty heap a car.  I know some of you may cringe at my car and I know it's a little different (maybe not in the best of ways by most people's standards), but so am I and I really enjoy how it looks.  Currently it's a pretty standard build; F54/P79, everyone's favorite Holley 4bbl on the AZC manifold, MSD box.  Sitting on TTT: coils with Illuminas, control arms, T/C rods, steering coupler. Rx7 front brakes, Silvermine stage 4 rear.  Forged Centerline wheels in a staggered 17x8 rear, 17x7 front 5 lug set up utilizing z31 turbo front hubs, and 280z stub axles that were re-drilled and welded by modern motorsports.  This car is by no means a clean example, and is not pretending to be.  Future plans are to upgrade the diff and I keep going back and forth about it, but I'm thinking I may end up doing a vq35 or sr20 swap, we'll see.  Anyways hybridz has been my best resource by far and I'm pretty happy to be where I'm at with the car.  Sorry for the essay in a picture thread, I'll shut up now :).  











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