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Post pics of your z's here!!

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    Finally "finished." Rust free and returned to its original Datsun 113 Avocado green...

I really like the color of your Z a lot. Here's a few shoots of my 72. The first one is in it's stock form and the others are after new springs,shocks,wheels and tires.

Looking good Glenn!   FWIW, I've driven a '95 911 Turbo S pretty hard and was not overly impressed...

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That's what I thought, may I have info on the mod's done to the car? Especially the steering mods, I thought these cars didn't have enough lock to get good enough angle. I know I have gotten sideways before but I can't hold anything since I do a 1 wheel peel and the Ebrake is crap so that's not a means of sideways. I can only destroy my clutch to stay sideways


as you see in that pic there is no angle..lol

all i have is a rt mount, welded diff, 280zx turbo halfshafts, and AZC coilovers

i dont even have the camber plates welded in there

drifts were in initiated with on and off gas and slight braking

stock l28's have enough torque to break out 185/60/14's :)

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Wow, I can't believe I missed that one in the BG too, thats 240hoke's car right? You guy's live together? Sorry I am retarded if this was covered before but WOW that must be awesome having 2 sick z cars in the garage.


No, we live near each other. About 25 minutes apart. Hoke wishes I would live with him, but that's another story........

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The color is an one-day paint job special, they called it "Viper GT-S blue" and the hood came with the car. The PO said it was custom and cost about $800 in the early 90's, but I don't know how much truth is behind that. MSA sells one like it, but not with the vents down the middle. The rims are Enkie, but the actual style I don't know. Got them from rbmotorsports.com. They were refurbished about 3 years ago, and I lent them to a friend who left them out in the sun for 2 years and the colors faded. They need to be touched up. They ate 15x7 0 offset. Haven't seen a pair like them yet though. and they are light, about 11-13lbs each (no tires of course)

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