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Post pics of your z's here!!


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I've had an account for awhile(just over 2 years now) to read up on things.


I finally found a Z I wanted about a month ago, and I picked it up a week ago near Richmond, Virginia.  I then drove it home to Minnesota.


The SBC had a couple of oil leaks I took care of plus one more I've not gotten to yet.  It starts/runs/drives great.




Pretty sure I've already put more miles on it than it has otherwise seen since at least the 90's.  The tires it came with were from 1992 and still had the nubs from when they were made.  With the shape everything is in and the way the numbers are lined up on the odometer, I think the 71k might be the first time around.


Planning on trying out that 8.8 IRS bolt in swap+updating the front suspension this winter along with adding flares.  Gauges will be swapped out for autometer ones in the next couple weeks.  Might get rid of the OEM bumpers for something more like the 240z ones, fiberglass or otherwise.


It came with the original book, window sticker, toolkit, jack, radio book and wheel chocks.


Originally when I was looking for a Z I wanted a semi beater one as I was going to tin-can and backhalf the thing anyway.  This one I'll feel bad about cutting the fenders to add flares.

There are lots of rust buckets where the fenders need to be cut up just to make anything worthy out of them. What you have is an amazing survivor that was motor swapped back in the day. I, personally would not cut that car up. I would find another one with rusted wheel arches 280 or what ever for a low price. Turn over the current car to someone who will pay top dollar to have a car in great condition. Then you would have money left over from the sale to purchase a car that needs cutting to save it and place flairs and big fat meats on it and what ever else you have plans for. It's your car and your choice but once you cut on a car that does not need it you have taken one more premium body Z out of circulation. You may not be interested in my 2 cents, but there it is. I would like to have a second Z that is flared. It would be a high production number 280Z with some body damage issues. It would have some serious meats attached driven by an LS7 or RB. But, I would not cut on my current Z. 

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I only have storage room for a DD and a fun car, which makes a second one a no-go.


I guess it depends what kind of tire I can stuff in the back when the suspension gets changed.  Eventually, it will get a turbo 5.3/4.8 and need a decent sized DR to put power down.


The car is going to be my DD for the rest of the summer.

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