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Better grab this deal quickly!

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buy the march 2010 issue of CAR CRAFT MAGAZINE, on approximately pg 56 theres a coupon for a 12 ton hydraulic press from HF for $80 that normally sells for $129 on sale and $139 not on sale








the money saved on a single u-joint swap on a corvette for example will pay for the press


the local machine shop wanted $20 EACH just to press out and re-install the U-joints, with ME supplying the u-joints or $40 each if they supplied the u-joints, keep in mind theres 6 u-joints in a corvette, two on the drive shaft and two on EACH half shaft, and if ones bad thru normal wear and mileage then the others have significant mileage on them and should be replaced at the same time

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This is why I love Harbor Freight, they always have great deals and low prices.

I picked up an engine stand for $39.99 yesterday every where else they were $80+


They do have great stuff from time to time as far as the larger equipment goes, but alot of their air or electric powered tools are just crap. I am tempted to try out some of their paint guns though...

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Got one from Grizzly and it had a Remote Pump for the Press. 10k lbs and works great to say the least...




I got it on sale for 139??? I think. Picked it up though no shipping charges. It has a 12k lbs gauge and everything so you actually know what pressure you are pressing at. That in itself helps out immensely.


Not really comparable to the 80 bucks but there are better units out there for cheap too.

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Just picked this one up on sale for 159! Great Jack.



There is this one on sale at Harbor Freight too! Great Deal @ 99 bucks!


Only 3k lbs though...





Here is the 4k lbs one for the same price I got my Craftsman...



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did you guys catch the aluminum low profile 2ton floor jack? that one was sweet and was a deal also. too bad i forgot the price.


Christmas present, $60. It's still sitting in the pathfinder. I did have to pay for it though...

I did get several other things I needed for work, like a hammer for $2 and a brush for $4.,

yes I payed for those "christmas presents" aswell. They now have an air chuck for $3.99 with a flexible end!

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