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280zx rear wing options

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The Nissan ZXR wing and the Motorsport Auto remake of it are both no longer available. So if you have one, its rare.

I got mine about 2 years ago off Craigslist. A guy was parting out a 280ZXR and I jumped on the occasion of course. The car itself was rusted beyond repair and was on its way to the crusher. I only bought the rear wing. :)


The Porsche style turbo whale tail (larger than the ZXR I think) is $359



Here are Motorsport Auto's other 280ZX rear wings


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I found the ABR website that has the 280zx body kit. (The kit on the red overboost 280zx in the first post)




I e-mailed them inquiring about availability and shipping to the states, but never heard back from them. Maybe someone that's local to the area could talk to them? I'm sure I'm not the only one interested in the kit (though it's not cheap). Actually, I'm mostly interested in the rear wing, but nevertheless, still would like to find out more details about getting it over here.

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