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280zx RB20 Oil Return (From turbo)

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I am running a left hand drive 280zx, and trying to mount my RB20det. I have almost everything done, except the oil return from the turbo.


My problem is, i can not drop the engine in 100% without the return hose resting on my steering column, which in turn, will wear down in no time unless i do something.


Has anyone run into this? I cant find anything, and the last thing i want to do is pull the oil pan off to make a new inlet from the turbo.. but that seems like my only option.


Anyone else with LHD?

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ugly but effective (no offense intended), props for the ingenuity....keep us updated as to whether or not the 3/4NPT leaks with the 3/4BSPT threads...


None taken. I just hope nothing leaks. I'll try and get a solid pipe welded/built soon, and don't plan on running it very much/hard until i can find out that it does in fact hold, till i can get the metal pipe done.

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